4 Reasons To Trim And Prune

Everyone enjoys having large luscious and beautiful trees on their property. After all, they can raise property values by increasing curb appeal, and help to reduce your energy bills by providing valuable shade. But having big admirable trees in your yard doesn’t come by accident. It takes a little bit of time, effort and expertise.

Unfortunately, most people don’t consider having their trees trimmed or pruned until they become unsightly and overgrown or become a safety concern. The hard truth is that trimming and pruning is something you should be doing proactively, not reactively. Proper trimming and pruning of your trees can promote healthy new growth, keep them structurally sound, and simply increase their beauty.

This article will outline just a few of the benefits that regular trimming and pruning of your trees can offer.

Promote New Growth

Trees grow best when all the bows and branches grow together in a uniform fashion, but for this to happen they sometimes need a little help. When trees go a long time without being trimmed or pruned some of the branches become stronger and stouter. This makes it difficult for the smaller off-shoots to get all the nutrients they need, as resources are being hogged by the larger bows. When we trim back the bigger more dominant branches, we are giving the smaller shoots a fair chance to grow big and strong too! 

Promote Structural Soundness

The structural integrity of a tree comes from the sturdiness of the central trunk. The shape, strength, and development of the main trunk is critical to the tree’s overall health and balance. With regular trimming and pruning performed by a professional arborist we can promote the development of this structural core. As your trees continue to grow taller, the importance of ensuring the central core is well rooted and standing up straight grows as well.

Remove Dead, Damaged, Or Diseased Branches

One of the most obvious reasons to keep up on regular pruning is to remove any branches that may pose a threat to the safety of your family and home, or to the health of the tree. 

Large overgrown, dead, or decaying branching could be a safety hazard in the event of a major storm. It’s important to manage the risk of these branches falling before and adverse weather events.

It is also important to remove any branches that may be diseased. If a branch is suffering from a malady such as a fungal infection, it could quickly spread to the rest of the tree if it is not removed in a timely fashion.

Promote Beauty And Symmetry

The last reason to trim and prune your trees regularly is simply aesthetic. While all the health benefits that trimming and pruning can offer are important, we also want our trees to look great! Regular pruning allows you to shape the canopy for optimal symmetry and beauty. You may choose to trim multiple trees to give them all a unique and uniform appearance. 

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