4 Ways Mulch Can Save Water And Protect Your Trees

Summers in the Inland NW have been getting warmer and dryer every year. If you are an eco-conscious homeowner, you’re likely doing everything you can to cut back on your water usage around your home. 

While one of the best things about trees on your property is that they tend to be pretty low maintenance, they still require some effort. Routine care of your decorative and shade trees is critical if you want to keep them healthy and beautiful. This is even more true during a heat wave.

You might be asking “how do I conserve water while keeping my trees watered and healthy all at once?” 

We have an answer, and it’s mulch! You can support the health of your trees young and old, as well as cut down on your water consumption with the proper application of mulch. Mulch has many benefits – it can keep weeds at bay, promote healthier soil, all while conserving water – and the best part? It’s easy to do.

Mulch is simple. You can use either organic or inorganic materials to spread out over the area around the base of your trees. Many people chose bark or wood chips for this, but you could just as easily use gravel or even a plastic tarp!

Mulch Promotes Healthy Soil

If you are using an organic material for your mulch, such as straw, wood chips, or bark, it will decompose over time. This is a good thing! Decomposition is the process by which nature returns valuable nutrients back to the earth. So, when you choose an organic material for mulch it makes your soil healthier!

Keeps Weeds Under Control

Aside from being unsightly, weeds and unwanted grass growing at the base of a tree can actually harm its growth. They will steal the water and nutrients that the tree needs to stay healthy and strong. By spreading out mulch at the base of the tree you can choke out the growth of weeds and grasses by starving them of light.

Control Soil Temperatures

When properly applied, mulch can protect the soil your tree is planted in from variations in temperature. This is important to protect the roots of your trees from the effects of extreme heat or cold.

When the hot summer sun is beating down on your yard, the mulch will take the brunt of it. This will help to keep the soil moist and prevent it from hardening and causing damage to the trees’ roots.

When the weather is colder during the winter months, a good application of mulch will help to lock in some warmth, thus protecting the roots from damage caused by frost.

Conserve Water

Mulch around the base of your trees will block the sun and provide a nice layer of insulation. This will ultimately help to reduce the total amount of evaporation, working to keep the water where it is needed most: down but the trees’ roots. Obviously, the more you can prevent evaporation from occurring, the less often you will need to water your trees, thus helping you to preserve this precious resource.

Certified Arborists In Coeur d’Alene

As you have hopefully learned, mulch is an excellent tool for locking in moisture and promoting healthy soil for your trees. If you have questions about how to apply mulch properly, or any other general questions about tree care, don’t hesitate to call Topper Chopper Tree Service. We proudly serve the Inland NW, including, Spokane, Coeur d’Alene, Post Falls, Hayden and Rathdrum!