Can Trimming Trees Protect Your Home In The Event Of A Storm?

Depending on what part of the country you live, summer storms may vary in degree and intensity. Some years you might expect to get forceful wind or thunderstorms while other years you may not. 

Additionally, homes in some areas of the country are much more prone to suffer damage from storms than others. For example, if you live in the southeast or on the east coast, you may need to prepare for hurricanes, tornadoes, or nor’westers. Aside from winds, you may also need to prepare for heavy rains, the potential for flooding, and hail.

Of course, we can never completely predict what weather our mother has in store for us. However, if you properly prepare your home and property for foul weather you can help to mitigate potential damages caused by nature’s wrath.

One way you can help to protect your home from the potential for damage brought about by high winds and rain is through the thoughtful care of your trees. Arborism, when properly applied, can help your trees stand up against harsh weather when Mother Nature comes calling.

Make Your Trees Storm Ready

Most people don’t even think twice about the trees in their yards until after some branches or, god forbid, the entire tree comes crashing down. They only think to call a tree care specialist and ask for emergency tree removal and maintenance services after the storm has settled.

This is all well and dandy for some, but they could probably be saving themselves some money and a bit of headache if they treated tree care with a proactive mindset. Ensuring that your trees are ready for the storms when they come will not always completely protect your trees from sustaining damages, but regular trimming and pruning will certainly help them hold up in various extreme weather conditions.

Not only will proper tree care protect the health and life of your precious trees but it can also serve to protect your home in the event of a severe storm. Making the trees around your house more structurally sound will prevent falling branches from causing damage to your house or other nearby buildings.

Preparing Your Trees For A Storm 

Proper trimming and pruning of your trees can remedy many problem points. There are several ways to alter the shape and structure of your trees to make them more healthful and structurally sound. These should be considered general tree maintenance and should be done regardless of weather conditions in your area. They include:

  • Removing dead branches
  • Removing completely or reducing in size limbs with poor structural elements
  • Cutting back limbs that are excessively long or heavy
  • Taking some of the weight of trees that have decay
  • Removing weight from one side of a tree to restore balance
  • Add cables or braces for extra support

When you are assessing trees on your property to make them ready for the upcoming storm season, there are a few things you can look for that might indicate a safety hazard. Some things to look out for include:

  • Exaggerated leaning
  • Long or excessively heavy branches
  • Cracks
  • Signs of decay
  • Dead branches

Hire A Certified Tree Care Professional

If you have large trees in your yard or are unsure how to care for them, the value of hiring a certified arborist to help with your tree care needs cannot be overstated.

A professional tree care specialist will know just what needs to be done in order to care for your trees and protect them along with your home against the dangers of heavy winds or snows. Hiring a professional to handle your tree care needs is often the best option. They will get the job done quickly while maintaining a high standard for safety.

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