Pest & Disease Control Service


A Few Words About Our Pest & Disease Control Service

In our eyes, every tree is precious. They provide immense value to your landscape, offering beauty, shade, and benefiting the local ecology by producing food and habitat for local wildlife. Just like all living things trees can be subject to threats that are posed by pests and diseases. After all, trees are not immune to getting sick sometimes and these bouts of disease or invasion by pests critically endanger their health and overall vitality. That’s why we offer specialized pest control and disease management services to protect your trees from harm and ensure their longevity.

Importance of Disease & Pest Control

  • Preserve Tree Health: Obviously, the most important reason to manage pests and disease is to protect your trees from home and thereby preserve that value that they bring. Aside from their beautification properties, they provide significant value to the local ecosystem. Controlling pests and disease is critical to preserving their health and maintaining the aesthetic value that they provide.
  • Prevent The Spread: Many of the ailments that affect trees can spread to other nearby trees in the same grove allowing the issue that was localized to a single tree to spread rapidly, affecting a few neighboring trees or even all of the trees on your property.
  • Protect Your Home: Pests and diseases that can affect the trees’ structural integrity, making them potentially dangerous to your house and property. If allowed to run their course unchecked, pest and disease infestations can weaken the trees, possibly causing them to drop branches or debris that can cause harm to people or structures on your lot.


Our Pest & Disease Management Process

  • Diagnosis: A complete and thorough assessment is necessary to identify any symptoms of disease or infiltration by parasites. Inspection of the leaves, bark, branches and soil is conducted to bring to light any possible disease processes.
  • Identification: Our experts are trained to diagnose pests and disease that affect trees locally in North Idaho. An accurate identification of the exact pest or disease process at play will be important in order to properly implement the necessary control measures.
  • Treatment Plan: After an exact diagnosis of the issue or issues affecting your trees, we can begin to develop a treatment plan that is custom tailored to your needs. Treatment plans may include the use of environmentally friendly pesticides, fungicides, or resection of the diseased areas. 
  • Preventative Measures: We always recommend preventative measures in addition to treatment measures. A good preventative care regimen can help to prevent your trees from contracting diseases becoming infested with pests in the future. Proper pruning, soil management and preventive inspections are all part of a good preventative maintenance plan.
  • Regular Inspections: Ongoing inspections and monitoring is a prudent way to ensure the continued efficacy of our treatment plan, and to keep your trees healthy. Continued monitoring also helps us remain nimble in our treatment regimen, allowing us to deftly adjust our treatment plan to accommodate changing conditions.


Why Choose Us For Pest & Disease Control?

  • Certified Arborists: Our team includes skilled arborists who are certified in their craft. These professionals have specialized knowledge concerning pests and diseases that affect your trees.
  • Results Oriented Solutions: We focus only on proven effective approaches in order to elicit the best results. All our methods are all backed by the latest science and are all environmentally friendly.
  • Preventative Approach: We don’t just focus on curing sick trees, we also want to prevent your trees from getting sick. Along with customized treatment plans, we’ll also recommend a proactive care approach with the aim of preventing pests and arbor diseases from even moving in in the first place.
  • Environmental Safety & Responsibility: The trees are our friends, and the environment is their home! We always prioritize environmental stewardship with all of our tree care services. Tree pests and disease will be managed with an environmentally friendly approach.

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If you suspect that your trees’ health may be hampered by disease or pesky pests, don’t wait until it’s too late! Invest in the health and longevity of your trees with our comprehensive pest and disease control services. When you first begin to notice the signs and symptoms of sickness in your trees, then the disease process has likely already been ongoing for some time. Let our experts lend a helping hand in controlling tree diseases and parasites on your property, so that you can enjoy a healthy and vibrant landscape for years to come!