Tree Removal


A Few Words About Our Tree Removal Service

We know that deciding to remove a tree on your property is a significant decision, and usually one that is made as a last resort. However, sometimes it’s necessary to maintain the safety, aesthetics, and utility of your property. Often tree removal is a critical service, one that sometimes needs to be performed emergently. Indeed, there is nothing more nerve-racking than watching a tall dead tree sway precariously, threatening your home or property. After all, there is a reason they are called widow makers. That’s why we offer tree removal services at any time, day or night.

Our team of certified arborists and tree care specialists are well equipped to remove even the tallest of trees, even in the toughest spots. We employ the use of the best tree removal equipment and an innovative approach to remove trees quickly and safely while minimizing the impact on the surrounding environment. Call now to schedule an appointment to have a tree on your property removed, or call anytime in the event of a tree removal emergency.


Why Choose Us For Tree Removal?

  1. Safety As A Priority: Tree removal can be seriously dangerous business, not just the tree service professionals, but for bystanders as well. This is true of all types of trees, but especially true of trees that are particularly large or compromised by rot or disease. Our team of tree care specialists is highly trained in the safe and effective removal of trees. We always employ the use of advanced rigging and other essential safety equipment, and we always carefully strategize before undertaking any tree removal job in order to put safety first, ensuring the well being of your home, your property, and your family. 
  2. Knowledge & Experience: The task of safe and effective tree removal is proportional to the size of the tree which is to be removed. To be done right, tree removal requires an essential knowledge of tree biology, and natural physics. It takes a certain level of expertise in order to down a tree with a grace and precision that minimizes impact on the surroundings. When you call Kootenai Tree Care for any type of tree removal service, whether it be routine or an emergency tree removal, you can rest assured that we have the experience needed to remove that tree not just safely, but with finesse.
  3. Tools For The Job: Tree removal requires a varied tool kit. The many tools of the trade include cranes, bucket trucks, chainsaws, and stump grinders. You can be assured that our team is properly outfitted with all the right equipment needed to execute excellent results. The right tools allow us to remove trees with precision, making that tree disappear like magic and leaving the surrounding property untouched.
  4. Emergency Tree Removal: In the event of severe weather like high winds or heavy snows, emergencies involving trees can occur suddenly and without warning. If you find that a tree is threatening your home or property, you need to act fast in order to avoid catastrophe. That’s why you can count on Kootenai Tree Service for prompt emergency tree removal services.

Why Do You Need Tree Removal Services?

  1. Dead Or Dying Trees: Trees that are dead or in the process of dying can pose a significant risk of falling and causing damages on your property. Due to rotting and decomposition that can become weak and unstable over time, just waiting for a strong gust of wind to come and push them over. Proactively removing dead or dying trees is critical in preventing the calamities that can be associated with falling trees.
  2. Disease Or Pest Infestation: Try as we might to treat a tree for pests and disease in an attempt to revive it, in the case of severe infestations removing the tree fully may be the only sensible solution. Some afflictions have the capability to spread from one tree to the next, enabling them to compromise the health and vigor of your entire landscape. In these cases prompt removal can prevent the threat of the pests or disease taking over completely.
  3. Structural Defects: Some trees may pose a hazard due to their physical properties or orientation. Trees with significant lean, multiple trunks, or damage to the root system may be unstable and threaten nearby buildings, utility infrastructure, or people. In some cases interventions such as placing braces or guy wires may be effective. However, if these corrective measures prove to be ineffective, removal may be the only option.
  4. Competition Or Overcrowding: Trees may compete for resources in dense urban environments or in landscapes that have limited resources. If we are able to determine that neighboring trees are competing for water, nutrients, or sunlight, removing some select trees may help alleviate that conflict and allow the remaining organisms to thrive.
  5. Invasive Species: Certain species of trees are considered to be invasive to in North Idaho, This usually means that they are not native to the area and they have potential to outcompete native plants, which can have a negative impact on the whole ecosystem. These species can completely take over if not put in check and should be promptly removed in order to preserve the health and balance of North Idaho’s natural habitat. Some tree species that are considered invasive to this region are Privet, Walnut, and Elm.
  6. Urban Development: Trees that are found to impede urban progress, development, or construction may be removed in order to accommodate for new or expanding buildings, roadways, or landscaping installations. Tree removal for this purpose should be carefully considered so as not to remove more trees than absolutely necessary, and to preserve the natural aesthetic and integrity of the landscape.
  7. Storm Damage: Severe weather including extreme winds, lightning, or heavy snow conditions can damage trees significantly, potentially rendering them unsafe. If adverse weather events have caused a tree to be extensively damaged or uprooted, removal may prove to be a sensible course of action in order to prevent further damage and to secure surrounding property.
  8. Landscaping Renovations: Tree removal may be necessary to make way for new features or installments in the case of landscaping renovations or reforms. We always prefer to plan landscaping projects around existing trees, but depending on the homeowners preferences, our tree removal service may prove be a compliment to ongoing landscaping projects.