Trimming & Pruning


A Few Words About Our Trimming & Pruning Service

Trimming and pruning of your trees is one of the most important things you can do to help maintain their health and vitality. Ideally, your trees should be on a schedule to trim and prune every spring. At Kootenai Tree Service, we offer professional tree trimming and pruning services for residential and commercial properties anywhere in the Idaho panhandle. Our team understands the importance of proper tree care and maintenance, and we always use the industry standard tree trimming and pruning techniques. 

We aim to strike the perfect balance between aesthetic appeal and overall tree health. As every tree is different, we custom tailor our tree trimming and pruning service to meet the specific needs of each individual tree. We carefully consider all of the individual factors such as species, growth patterns, and surroundings in order to develop a precision plan for trimming and pruning. By removing unnecessary weight, and improving airflow and sunlight penetration, we can increase the beauty of your trees while also helping them to withstand environmental stressors and improving their overall health. 

As always, with our tree trimming and pruning service you can expect a meticulous attention to detail that produces immaculate results. Don’t hesitate, transform your trees and your landscape with our professional tree care services. Schedule a free consultation with one of our tree care professionals today!

Why Is Trimming & Important?

Tree trimming and pruning is important to promote new healthy growth while removing any dead or diseased sections. Additionally, proper trimming and pruning can encourage the tree to grow in accordance with a desired aesthetic (have you ever seen a Bonsai tree?) Trimming and pruning can promote tree health and structural integrity.

  1. Promote Tree Health: Regular trimming and pruning of your trees is essential to optimum tree health. First, by removing dead or diseased branches you can reduce possible access points for pests and disease. Secondly, by thinning out the canopy you can increase the ability of fresh air and sunlight to penetrate deep into the tree. Lastly, removing branches that are weak, diseased, or in areas of the canopy that are over crowded can help the tree to refocus it’s resources where they’re needed more. All of these factors together can help to promote a big, healthy, and vibrant tree.
  2. Optimize Appearance & Aesthetics: Trimming and pruning is always done intentionally, with a plan in mind to enhance the tree’s aesthetic appeal and thus the beauty of your overall landscape. When care and attention are given to the trimming and pruning process, combined with an artists eye, you can create a balanced and pleasing shape. Trees that are well pruned have an attractive form, and contribute to the positive energy of your outdoor environment.
  3. Promotes Safety & Eliminates Hazards: Branches that are overgrown or structurally compromised can present profound risks for both people and property in the immediate area. High winds or other adverse weather events could cause tree branches to come down on your home or nearby utility infrastructure. Certain catastrophes such as these can be avoided by proactively identifying hazardous branches and limbs on nearby trees and trimming them away. In fact, preventing property damage and personal injury may be one of the most important reasons to trim and prune trees regularly.
  4. Boost Fruit Production: If you have fruit bearing trees on your property, like apples or plums, selective trimming and pruning is essential to achieve maximum fruit yield. Careful pruning can stimulate new growth and maximize sunlight penetration, providing your trees with all the energy they need to produce plump and juicy fruits. 

There are many ways that trimming and pruning can help to promote optimal health for your trees. However, it’s a task that can easily be done wrong by an inexperienced hand, and with potentially catastrophic results. It’s best to leave trimming and pruning up to a local arborist. A tree care professional can advise you on when and exactly how you should be trimming your trees.